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Nov 21, 2011

Click Arbitrage

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A couple months ago, the folks over at PPC Blog wrote an interesting article about some recent developments in AdWords-AdSense arbitrage. Specifically, that Google updated (or at least made more clear) its “standards” as to what constitutes acceptable arbitrage practices – effectively making it more difficult for pure click arb sites to continue along their business paths unhindered.
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Nov 9, 2011

The Updated adCenter UI

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It’s official, the updated adCenter UI is now alive and kicking. It’s kind of funny because a few months ago we attended a Search Alliance/adCenter conference in Seattle and a few Microsoft employees asked us what we’d like to see in the new UI. Instead of handing them a laundry list of ideas, we simply told them to copy the AdWords UI and go from there. Not that we were the only ones to come up with that particular suggestion, but nevertheless it seems they took heed.

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