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Nov 29, 2011


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Which is better – SEO or PPC? Which one should you use for your website?

We see this kind of question more frequently than you’d think, and quite frankly, more often than our blood pressure is capable of handling. It’s understandable, even forgivable, when asked by those with little SEM experience – which is the majority of people. To most, SEO & PPC are simply more three letter acronyms that mean nothing.

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Nov 14, 2011

Increase PPC Efficiency with SEO

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A couple weeks ago we wrote an article about how PPC can be used to aid SEO – highlighting how PPC can be used as a tool to research SEO. This time it’s the other way around – and serves to further our assertion that frequent communication between the SEO and PPC departments is critical to maximize online marketing efficiency.
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Nov 4, 2011

Link Bait

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The concept is simple, just make sure there are enough fish in the sea.

Link Bait: it’s an often-discussed SEO topic. It’s a strategy used by some of the better-known SEO firms, and as such it has become a common practice. The idea is straightforward enough: create content that is so awe-inspiring that hundreds or even thousands of other websites link to it. Say what you will about whether or not links affect organic ranking, if companies like SEOmoz recommend/endorse doing it, people listen.

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Oct 31, 2011

PPC as SEO Research

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There are many businesses and search engine marketing companies that fail to bridge the supposed dichotomy between PPC and SEO. This is probably due to the fact that a lot of people, professionals in the field and otherwise, view PPC and SEO as completely different animals. It is seldom to find search engine marketers who appreciate the benefits that arise out of communication between the SEO and PPC teams/departments.

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Oct 27, 2011

SEO and Police

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Judging by self righteous screed emanating from countless SEO blogs, one might think that SEOs are a new era of police. Many certainly consider themselves to be. The saviors of the internet, occupying only the penthouse of the moral high ground.

Let’s go over a few key differences between the police and SEO professions.

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Oct 24, 2011

The Trouble with Backlinks

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Since the dawn of search engines there has been speculation, rumor, and debate regarding the assignment of website ranking. Links have managed to remain near the forefront of those discussions; and are probably the most controversial of all facets of SEO. While some people claim link building has no effect on organic ranking, the number of people in this crowd is slim. Most people familiar with SEO agree that backlinks are a fundamental component of organic ranking, and so the debates normally surround how link building effects ranking, not if.

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Oct 12, 2011

Content Creation

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While many SEO pedants will firmly disagree, there are few exceptions to the fact that the most important form of content creation is written material. Sure, this won’t apply if you are a graphic designer, or if you produce movies for a living. But the vast majority of websites rely on writing for SEO and to affect user engagement and on-site behavior. This may change in the future, when search engines are able to rank dialogue in videos (that’d be pretty sweet). But for now, if your goal is to improve SEO and user engagement, then you’d do well do focus on your writing, first.

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Sep 21, 2011

Algorithms Part 2

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In the previous Algorithms post, we mentioned that product display algorithms on e-commerce sites affect both profitability and user behavior. For this post we’re going to break it down a bit further, and drop some knowledge on a specific part of e-commerce. Toward the end we even include a very basic, yet practical product display algorithm.

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Sep 16, 2011

Web Design and SEO

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For what does it matter if you have a beautifully crafted website, if no one will ever find it in the first place? Contrary to certain opinions, SEO is greatly affected by web design. Proper web design enables a website to start off its search engine ranking on the right foot. Really great web design allows that ranking to be improved and maintained in the long run. Knowledgeable web designers and developers know this, and build sites with SEO friendly concepts in mind.

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Sep 14, 2011

White Hat, Black Hat, Red Cat, Blue Cat

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What is the difference between white hat and black hat link building?

Like the Coca Cola recipe, only a select few individuals actually know the ins and outs of Google’s search engine algorithm. They’ve taken a blood oath to protect the secret at all costs, and they ain’t talkin’ to nobody. This has given rise to a group of people who make it their business to try to figure this algorithm out; their end goal being an ability to make money using this information. These people are called Search Engine Optimizers.

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