PPC Services


PPC Research: Improve the future performance of your PPC advertising, before it even starts. We provide businesses with actionable insight to help them create well-structured and highly-targeted PPC accounts. Additionally, we can provide PPC research for SEO purposes.


PPC Audit: PPC audits are for companies who already have pay per click advertising enabled. How it works is we access the account(s), data mine them, combine this data with our general knowledge and experience, and provide companies with a multitude of ways to improve their PPC performance.


Ecommerce PPC Services: We createfully customized PPC solutions for ecommerce businesses of all types and sizes. From multi-channel optimization and reporting to setting up an AdWords account, we are truly a full-service PPC company. We will also provide our ecommerce clients with conversion funnel optimization strategies – which helps boost ROI for all traffic.


Search Engine PPC: Our vast, in-depth experience and knowledge with search engine PPC has allowed us to develop effective strategies that are all focused on driving ROI for our clients. All of our PPC managers are certified experts, and can assist you with literally any aspect of search engine PPC.


Social Media PPC: Social media properties such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter allow companies to target ultra-specific demographic segments. We help businesses find their target market, set up their PPC accounts, optimize them, and create reports.


PPC Consulting Services: Refers to any and all PPC-related activities. We show companies how to optimize their own accounts, develop advertising strategies, target specific audiences, perform their own research, etc.


PPC Strategy Development: Using default settings, PPC is a broad-brush method of advertising. To maximize the probability of success, it is often necessary to devise a strategy that focuses on targeting the behavior and trends of your specific market. What strategy makes sense for your business? We can help.


PPC Management: We have an entire team of dedicated and certified Pay Per Click managers. Best of all, all of our clients benefit from the knowledge and skills of a team that focuses on maximizing profit. We monitor and optimize each and every account on a daily basis, 365 days a year. See how Gargoyle PPC services can boost your bottom line.


Google AdWords & Microsoft adCenter: As certified PPC professionals, we have extensive knowledge and experience managing Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter accounts. Whether our clients need market research, help setting up an account, developing strategies, or active management – we have or will create a solution to meet your specific needs.


Focused on Your Bottom Line


At the core of our philosophy is a belief that everything can be made more efficient. This goes for transportation, communication, power generation – really anything. Finding ways to continuously boost efficiency is how businesses thrive over the long term. Instead of working on the design of the next generation of ultra-efficient internal combustion engines, we work on Pay Per Click advertising.
Fortunately for us, PPC efficiency is about on par with engine efficiency in the 1920s. The reasons for this are two-fold: the PPC industry is relatively new, and it is evolving at an incredible pace. PPC’s complexity grows each month, and so it is vital to adjust to these changes quickly and methodically to ensure long term efficiency gains.
Not only do we optimize the PPC on ROI, but our management fee is substantially lower than it would cost to hire full-time employees. In this light, we minimize the cost of PPC management, and we also minimize the cost you pay for clicks. Win-win.